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Shannon Bessette PT, CST, SBMC

Shannon Bessette Craniosacral Therapy

When you
love yourself, your body
will trust you back. This is FREEDOM.


Shannon Bessette

I grew up in Plattsburgh and after graduating from college I worked for the hospital in outpatient PT.  About a year later, I knew I wanted to take a "manual" based class. This led me to Craniosacral Therapy through The Upledger Institute and little did I know my whole knowing of the body would be opened to other realms of healing! I was fascinated that just 5 grams of pressure could affect change in the body...and I felt it! Both as I worked on others and was being worked on. My journey led eventually to a certification in Craniosacral Therapy. 


Through my 20+ years of working as an Outpatient Physical Therapist I have seen a wide range of conditions. In that time, I have the most experience with conditions such as: headaches/migraines, stress related conditions, anxiety/depression, TMJ, neck pain, back pain; and have been able to help people heal "beyond the physical therapy" or in ways that traditional methods could not. I typically saw the people who had multiple tests done ruling out potential causes to their pain, or had already tried traditional PT, and still had symptoms. Though CST is my primary mode of connecting to the body and the condition that is the intention of seeking treatment,  I also have implemented and use other modalities from courses including: Tai Chi, Healing Touch, John Barnes Myofascial Release, Bioenergetics and Sensation Based techniques.  

And then - I took a leap! Yep - in the middle of a global pandemic. October of 2020, I left the hospital and started my own practice. I am beyond grateful to be a part of On Point Wellness here in Plattsburgh that supports healing, fosters kindness and dedication. 

When I am not connecting with patients at On point Wellness, I enjoy spending time with family, skiing, light hiking, and contemplating the nature of my reality. 


Mind, Body, Spirit

My approach to body based healing is holistic and multi-dimensional, in which I bring a curiosity and a gentle intent to the entire system. I ask questions to get vibrational information from the tissues and to help with awareness. I look at the whole body: posture and holding patterns to gain insight into where the primary holding pattern may originate. The touch starts with 5 grams of pressure, implementing  the Craniosacral principles, and the body's inner wisdom guides. The initial Light Touch may lead to a deeper pressure, range of motion, or even a release (that is the goal by the way! wink-wink). Each session is unique... and this is the adventure! 


I love to be of service, and I am here to help for as long as you need me. In being of service, independence is SO important. I want you to be able to have some things to do at home to facilitate what was worked on in session. This may include home exercises, suggestions of posture and habits, sensation based awareness exercises, and self care recommendations. Self care is empowerment. Empowerment leads to healthier choices and trust. When you love yourself, your body will trust you back. This is Freedom.

Shannon Bessette Healing Touch


Patients Recommend

Linda C.

I've been seeing Shannon for over 10 years here therapies are fabulous. she kept me out of a wheelchair due to her therapy on my neck and back, she is so gentle in her work she also have qreat therapies for mind, body and soul healing, She is truly the best.

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